Camp Sunrise exists to help people grow spiritually, educationally, socially, and physically—all for God's glory. With God guiding us, every project and program at camp helps to fulfill that mission.

We can't do it alone however—we're grateful for people like you, who partner with us in the Lord's service!


Apartment/infirmary remodeling: After a recent flood in the apartment and infirmary, all floors need replaced. A variety of other improvements are also needed, including fresh paint and new furniture.
New/refurbished boys' cabins: A recent flood requires us to replace the ceilings, floors, and beds in 4 cabins, or to build two new cabins to take their place.
New dining hall deck: (around $7000 needed) a multi-purpose location for spiritual conversations, fellowship with campers, outdoor chapels, and more
Lighting in boys' lodge: ($155 to complete) replacing dim, inefficient lights so guests can see better

Campership Program

Each summer, several campers who couldn't normally come get a "campership" to attend camp. Those who come often see dramatic change during the week. Recently, one camper overcame his fear of water and heights, while another professed faith in Christ! These are just two examples of the impact a campership can have.

Campership funds needed for 2018: $3000

Other Ways to Give


You can donate by mailing a check to the address below:

Camp Sunrise
1427 Slate Mine Road SE
Fairmount, GA 30139

To designate your gift for a specific project, simply attach a sticky note with your designation to the check.


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