Will you partner with us to help people grow for God's glory?

We exist to help people grow spiritually, educationally, socially, and physically—all for God's glory. With God guiding us, every camp project helps fulfill that mission. We can't do it alone though—God uses people like you to partner with us and support the ministry!


Apartment/infirmary remodeling: After a recent flood, we're remodeling the apartment for our new kitchen manager! We still need to purchase furniture, cabinets, appliances, and an AC system over the next few months. Your support is greatly appreciated. Estimated remaining cost: $5,000
Boys' lodge remodeling: Want to help us remodel the boys' lodge? New paint, flooring, and thicker mattresses will give these lodge rooms a much-needed refresh. Estimated remaining cost: $3,000
Planetarium projector: A new $8,000 projector will help us share the gospel with thousands in our all-new planetarium shows!
New dining hall deck: A go-to place for spiritual conversations, fellowship with campers, outdoor chapels, and more.

Campership Program

We believe every youth should experience the life-changing impact of summer camp. But not everyone can afford it. That's why donors like you contribute to the campership fund: to send children and teens on a week-long adventure where they make new friends, conquer their fears, and make spiritual decisions that last a lifetime. This year, we're seeking to raise at least $3000 to send children and teens to camp.

Campership funds needed for 2018: $3000

Other Ways to Give


You can donate by mailing a check to the address below:

Camp Sunrise
1427 Slate Mine Road SE
Fairmount, GA 30139

To designate your gift for a specific project, simply attach a sticky note with your designation to the check.
To designate for staff, write "staff" or a specific staff member's name on the sticky note.


Each time you shop at smile.amazon.com, Amazon will give a percentage of your purchase to the nonprofit of your choice. Click the link below to start supporting Camp Sunrise with your purchases.

Want to volunteer at camp?

Learn how you can join a work day or special project!