If you are looking for a unique birthday party, church picnic, or school field trip, look no further! Our train rides and planetarium programs are available free of charge to any group.

C&S Railroad

Thousands of visitors have ridden on the C&S Railroad since its opening in 2007. This 1 1/4-mile scenic ride takes visitors through Quartz Canyon, into a snow tunnel, past the C&S Railroad's roundhouse, and more!

A picnic pavilion overlooks the tracks near the end of the trip, providing a great place for a picnic lunch or party. A large charcoal grill, serving table, and seating for 80 are available at the pavilion.

Rides are free by appointment, and can be scheduled for any group of 15 or more. Each ride lasts about 45 minutes, and includes a presentation of the gospel: the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Sunrise Planetarium

Lean back in your seat and explore the universe above you in our planetarium programs! We cover topics from the Sun and Moon to planets, comets, seasons, and more.

Each of our planetarium programs discusses space from a scientific, Biblical perspective. Your group of 15 or more can attend a program for free, by appointment. Our most popular programs are listed below.

Available Programs

Elementary school and older

  • Introduction to the Planetarium: A fun introduction to what a planetarium is and how it works. Designed for children who have never visited a planetarium before. (30 min.)
  • A Visit with Mr. Moon: In this program, children will meet "Mr. Moon" and hear him explain what he's made of, how he affects the earth, how humans landed on him, and more.  (60 min.)
  • Our Sun: Children will learn about our sun's surface, its temperature, its path in the sky, and solar eclipses. (60 min.)

Middle school and older

  • The Solar System: Are you ready to explore the universe? Join a girl and her grandfather as they learn about outer space. The first half of the program discusses The Milky Way, star clusters, and nebulae. The second half focuses on our solar system, covering the sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and meteors. (60 min.)
  • Journey to the Planets: Blast off into space to explore the planets! This show examines each of our solar system's planets and several of their moons. Topics include the sizes, temperatures, and rotations of planets, their distances from the sun, and more. (75 min.)
  • Ventures in Space: A history of flight from the 1800s through the first shuttle flight. (6th grade and up; 75 min.)
  • Mysterious Star: A Christmas Program. During this program, you'll hear traditional Christmas carols and listen to the reading of the Biblical account of Christmas. Then, you'll examine the mysterious star that led the Wise Men to Jesus. Learn the true identity of the star of Bethlehem! (6th grade—adult; 75 min.)

High school and older

  • The Chronology of the Crucifixion: An Easter Program. This program examines the events surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. (60 min.)
  • The Universe: Its Origin & Age
  • Seasons and Constellations
  • Earth's Atmosphere & Weather
  • Earth's Motions & Tonight's Sky