Eat delicious meals in our dining hall or enjoy a picnic at our pavilion!

Our kitchen staff work hard to serve you delicious, healthy meals. Whether they’re bringing you a refill or just stopping to chat, our kitchen staff will make your day.

kitchen staff
dining hall

The rustic dining hall is one of our guests' favorite places at camp! Delicious family-style meals are provided here at affordable rates. The dining hall comfortably seats over sixty people.

The pavilion seats up to eighty people at its picnic tables. Its large charcoal grill and serving table are ready to feed even the hungriest of campers.



Stay in one of our two lodges at camp.

Our main lodge can house four to six people per room, up to forty people total. Each room has a private bathroom, air conditioning, shelves, towel bars, and mattresses. Linens and toiletries are not provided. Located just below the main camp area, this lodge is ideal for almost any group.

An additional lodge, located a short walk away from the main camp, provides similar accommodations to our main lodge. Three larger, air-conditioned rooms house up to eight people each and provide access to a central restroom.

Meeting Spaces

Make use of a variety of meeting spaces throughout your stay.


The planetarium seats up to 83 people with fixed seating. A podium and piano are available to use for meetings. Wi-Fi available.
A/V accommodations:
Video: You can plug in your own laptop (HDMI connection) or have our staff use our media computer to display your videos, photos, PowerPoints, or music using our projector. A media clicker is available for you to advance through slides.
Audio: People do not need a microphone to be heard well throughout the room. However, y:ou're welcome to bring your own sound system. A large wireless speaker is also available if arranged in advance.

Crows' Nest

The Crows' Nest is normally a game room, but can be rearranged to provide bench seating on three sides for 40-50 people. Some groups choose to bring their own chairs (up to 40 people) and A/V systems.
A/V accommodations:
A large flat-screen TV with HDMI connections is available for use, upon request.

Dining Hall

Groups can plan meetings in our Dining Hall if arranged in advance. Facilities include picnic table seating for 50-60 people, along with a coffee station. Wi-Fi available.
A/V accommodations:
A large flat-screen TV with HDMI connections is available for use, upon request.

Outdoor Locations

Outdoor meetings can be held at our campfire deck (circular seating for 80) or dining hall deck (moveable chairs and tables for 32).