Serving Groups Like Yours

Churches, boy and girl scouts, and community groups throughout the southeast have held retreats at Camp Sunrise for many years. And for good reason!

At Camp Sunrise, you’ll find plenty of exciting activities, delicious food, and good lodging—all available at affordable rates. You’ll find a friendly, caring staff who will do all they can to make your stay an enjoyable one. And, most importantly for churches, you’ll find an atmosphere that encourages spiritual growth.

We invite you to host your next retreat at Camp Sunrise!

About Camp Sunrise

Founded in 1967 as a nondenominational Christian camp, Camp Sunrise is surrounded by beautiful woods and lakes in the foothills of north Georgia.

The camp exists to encourage the development of the whole person—spiritually, educationally, and physically—for God’s glory.

  1. Spiritually: We share the good news: God’s gift of salvation through faith in Jesus alone. We also teach important Bible truths so that Christians can grow in their walk with God.
  2. Educationally: We use many unique opportunities to help visitors explore God’s creation while learning interesting facts and skills.
  3. Physically: We provide fun activities, from human foosball to boating, for people of all ages to enjoy.

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