Tools for Growth

Love God. Serve others. Impact the world around you.

That's our prayer for you! And it all starts with loving and knowing God. Here are some tools you can use as you grow closer to Him.


Here are some of our favorite camp songs! Tap either playlist to open it in Spotify. Enjoy meditating on God's goodness as you sing along!

Reading the Bible

Here are some of our favorite Bible tools!
If you're picking up a Bible for the first time, start small. Just two or three verses a day is a great place to start and grow from! If you've been reading for a while, why not dig deeper? Either way, read a bit more, study a bit more, and ask God to help you know Him better as you read!

Bible-Reading Plans

Want to read the Bible, but don't know where to start? Here are some of our favorite tips!
- Don't start too big; reading a little every day is better than reading a huge amount for only a day or two.
- The Bible is written by God, so He knows it best. Ask God to help you understand as you're reading.

Digging Deeper

Looking for ways to study the Bible in-depth? Here are several good tools!

Please note: We believe these resources are great tools for growing with God for a wide variety of ages. However, Camp Sunrise does not necessarily endorse everything found at the links above. As you use these resources, we encourage you to always make God's Word your ultimate guide.